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Founded in the Gurgaon in 2015, Elbrus Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top real estate agents in Gurgaon. We take pride in offering top-notch guidance as we assist individuals, businesses, and institutions in making better real estate decisions because of our experience and skill, which has given us a wide range of specialty and local knowledge.

New Homes

New Homes

New houses, new beginnings, and a new life... At Elbrus, we have relieved a lot of clients' worry so they may enjoy this adventure. To help you find the house of your dreams, our team of knowledgeable realtors will go above and beyond. We make sure that your house is impeccably maintained to your exact standards, and our team of agents is by your side throughout the entire home-buying process. We have a vast selection of new homes in all price ranges, from luxurious to inexpensive, that will satisfy all of your needs.

Resale Properties

Resale Properties

Although resale homes are usually less expensive, they do have some wear and tear. Because of this, you require an authority figure whose advice you can rely on. Our team of professionals at Aryan Realty will suggest resale homes that offer exceptional value for the money. We offer a wide selection of resale homes with a clear deed that will match your budget and any other requirements you may have. Your dream home will soon become a reality with the assistance of our knowledgeable agents, who will walk you through the entire process.

Commercial Lease Property

Commercial Leasing

Our extensive portfolio of outstanding properties that can be taken into consideration for business leasing is the product of our understanding of the local terrain in Gurgaon and its surrounding locations. We provide tailored solutions for clients from a variety of industries to lease space in a building that not only proves to be an excellent workspace but also improves their reputation in the sector. Our teams of skilled realtors collaborate closely with the customers to follow the complete life cycle of the documentation and legal paperwork procedure. We have acquired properties in the city that have since become icons while working with a variety of well-known clients and businesses.

Residential Leasing Properties

Residential Leasing

We will work with you to choose the best rental home at the location of your choice. We have a variety of homes in our inventory, from expensive to less expensive, and we can accommodate any kind of spending limits you may have. We have a vast selection of homes that can accommodate all residential leasing needs, ranging from four-bedroom penthouses to one-bedroom studio flats. Our team of specialists stands by your side the entire time to make sure that the court process is conducted according to your terms. Additionally, we provide leasing services for businesses and corporate clients in order to represent their interests during negotiations and guarantee that their needs are addressed.

Portfolio Management

Real Estate Portfolio Management

We offer real estate portfolio management as a specialised service to individuals, corporations, and businesses. As part of this service, we guarantee rent, renew rental contracts, maintain the properties, ensure security precautions, manage all property documents, issue rent receipts, and perform a variety of other management-related tasks. With Elbrus in charge, we guarantee complete peace of mind for our clients by staying on top of things and delivering top-notch customer service through property management.

Plot for Sale In Gurgan

Post Sale Services

We are dedicated to our clients throughout the duration of their real estate experience. Because of this, whether a customer is purchasing a new or used house, we provide them with exclusive post-sale services. Some of the post-sale services we provide to our clients include property maintenance, home insurance, bank loan interest updates, checking on fixtures (for older homes), and maintaining the same.

Investment Guidance

Real Estate Investment Guidance

We are regarded as an authority in real estate investment advice because we are one of the top realtors in the Gurgaon region. We have assisted numerous private clients, corporate clients, and corporations in their search for the ideal property, whether it be a land, plot, commercial, retail, or apartment complex. We are among the top consulting companies for real estate investment advice due to our knowledge of the market and skills.

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